Training and skills development

Training that fits around your needs as a grantmaker

Highly customised training courses.
There's no one single trick to being a good grantmaker. So we don't offer one single training programme that offers everything you need to know.

Instead we develop and run courses on areas of skills development that we know grantmakers are keen to prioritise. You can book into some trainings as an individual, wheras others are delivered to whole teams.

Our open training programmes

12th July 2023

The Fundamentals of Modern Grantmaking: the training workshop

We can also offer bespoke training customised to your organisation's needs.


I highly recommend to anyone who works in the world of grant funding to attend the Improving Grantseeker Experiences training. I've come away with a quite a few actions for when I get back to work!

PARTICIPANT IN OUR 'IMproving Grantseeker Experiences' training

Gemma & Tom's workshop on what it means to be a Modern Grantmaker was extremely well-received by our community of philanthropists.

Their gift for articulating complex ideas in a clear and compelling manner is exactly what is needed in this crucial moment for grant-making. It is a joy working with them and we highly recommend both reading the book and working with Gemma & Tom to go deeper on some of the toughest questions.

SAM UNDERWOOD - Programme Director, The Philanthropy Workshop