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Gemma Bull a blonde white woman in her late thirties
Gemma Bull, Director Modern Grantmaking

We're here to help you solve problems and grow your own skills, as a grantmaker

Whether you work for a private foundation, a government funder or a corporate donor, we're here to help you to do the best grantmaking you can.

UPDATED: Modern Grantmaking Consulting Services 2024

We have now updated the range of services we offer to funders.
"Gemma and Tom’s book has been widely read across the organisation, and there was a lot of excitement at the chance of being able to benefit from their expertise, insight and common sense. What we particularly appreciated was their strategic insight into different grantmaking approaches which was coupled with their understanding of our particular context. I am personally very grateful for the professionalism and sensitivity which they showed in developing and running high-quality, engaging workshops."
Anand Shukla, Chief Executive
The Henry Smith Charity

We wrote a book about grantmaking

Through extensive experience and research we've identified a series of skills and values that can benefit grantmakers of all kinds. Through our writing, training and consulting we can help you to acquire and develop these.
the cover of a book, saying 'Modern Grantmaking: A guide for funders who believe better is Possible' by Gemma Bull and Tom Steinberg
Tom Steinberg, a balding white man in his 40s, with glasses
Tom Steinberg, Director Modern Grantmaking

We've been grantmakers and grantseekers too

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