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Building on the in-depth research we carried out during the development of Modern Grantmaking, we offer consulting and workshops designed to help you answer questions like:

  • What are the good practices that modern grantmakers can adopt quickly and easily?
  • How can our board and grantmaking staff work together more effectively?
  • How can we redesign funding to make it more equitable and accessible?
  • How to design and deliver a new strategy?
  • What practical steps can I take to learn more about our impact?

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Modern Grantmaking health check

Are you worried that your funding organisation is a bit behind the times? Nagged by the thought that you or your funding organisation might be missing some big trick, or making an obvious mistake that you’re not even aware of?

Gemma and Tom will work with you to do a health check based on the Five Values of Modern Grantmaking. We will also help check that your working practices are aligned with the good practices that we identified through our extensive research. We’ll report back what we find, and we’ll make practical recommendations that you can implement straight away.


Change management

Many funding organisations tick over just fine, but struggle greatly when it’s time to make change. Difficulties in making change are always tough for organisations, but when success isn’t measured in a simple bottom line, the challenge can be doubly hard.

We have extensive experience of significant strategic and practical changes within funders, from high level goal reforms through to the rebuilding of teams and technical systems. Our change management consultancy can help you to get a sharper organisational focus, and then make the changes required to see impacts on the ground.


Making your grant systems easier and more inclusive and accessible

Every grantmaking organisation has a system for making grants, whether it’s just a chequebook and a pen, or a complex digital system of multiple interlocking applications.

We are experienced in helping funders to research, design and remake their grantmaking systems to make them better for the people inside funders and, even more important, better and more inclusive for grantseekers and grantees. We believe that every funder that’s serious about diversity, equity and inclusions needs (as part of this) to be serious about its grantmaking systems, and we can help you to make the changes needed.



Does your grantmaking team or board need to tackle some tough issues, or look at problems in a new way? Or are you just keen to keep up to date with how modern grantmaking organisations do things?

We offer workshops designed to help groups of people develop new skills and resolve tricky questions in a friendly, inclusive yet challenging fashion. Always rooted in the five values of Modern Grantmaking, these workshops will engage and inspire. Topics covered in usual workshops include:

  • Making your grant funding more accessible and inclusive
  • Your relationship with research and evidence
  • ‘No brainers’ - getting the simple things right
  • Tackling power and privilege

Workshop durations can be:

  • 60 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • Half day
  • Full day
  • Two day

We use highly interactive elements and an accessible approach to keep the energy up and to help everyone to learn and then take practical steps once back at their desks.


Speaking and keynotes

Are you seeking to inspire and engage a group of grantmakers, and perhaps even make them uncomfortable in a constructive way? We can talk to audiences of all sizes about the values, ideas and practices behind modern grantmaking, tailoring the content for different needs and specialisms.

We have extensive public speaking experience and know how to keep the tone light, even when talking about very serious things.


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Who we are
Gemma Bull portrait photo

Gemma Bull

Gemma was England Director and Funding Strategy Director for the UK's largest community funder, which awards £600 million annually. Her responsibilities included building teams, leading hundreds of people and driving a major redesign of the whole organisation’s grantmaking. Previously she was Managing Director for Innovation and Enterprise at Leonard Cheshire Disability and Head of Innovation at Save the Children. She now specialises in supporting organisations to innovate, improve and collaborate.

Tom Steinberg portrait photo

Tom Steinberg

Tom is a nonprofit CEO turned grantmaker. He founded civic tech pioneers mySociety and developed data and technology policy for the UK government before becoming a senior executive at two of the UK’s largest institutional funders. Tom is an Ashoka Fellow, a board member at the International Consortium of International Journalists, and the co-founder of an open access education project run out of the Harvard Kennedy School.

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